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Wildlife The moment you make eye contact with an animal.

It’s a big adventure to watch animals in their natural habitat. Investing time to capture them peaceful and intimate is often not easy, but the results are always rewarding.

EventsFreezing a fragment of time to capture pure emotion.

As residents of Isla Colón, we are able to take part in your event and show it from its best side. Capturing real feelings is one of our specialties.


We will provide you with memories of your vacation you will never forget, except you loose your hard-disk, - but even then - just ask us for the back up.

Landscape Nature is not a place to visit, its home.

We’re continuously amazed of what this beautiful planet paints for us if you’re at the right spot in the right time. After several of moments when we simply couldn’t believe our eyes we started to hunt these places and share the magic when light and nature creates an unforgettable piece of art.

Nowhere Bocas del Toro, PanamaComing soon...

Media Team of NOWHERE
"We believe that in nature, we can find a connection to ourselves again. When we can manage to eliminating all the thoughts and worries that we carry with us, a deep inner contentment will spread in our body. We are grounded, our thoughts are free."

Somewhere Bocas del Toro / Panama

Media Team of Somewhere
Nine-suite property locked between the turquoise glimmer of the Caribbean sea of Bocas del Toro and overgrown palms. Close your eyes and dream Somewhere in Panama!

Sebatu Santuary Eco Resort Bali / Indonesia

Located near to the historic village of Sebatu with its sacred springs and a waterfall recognized for its curative properties, Sebatu Sanctuary Eco Resort provides a relaxing back-to-nature sanctuary nestled between verdant rice paddies and lush tropical forest.

Ashtari Yoga LoungeKuta Lombok / Indonesia

Ashtari has been a landmark in Lombok since its opening in 2006. It is located on the top of a hill with breathtaking ocean views over the South coast towards Sumbawa. From sunrise breakfast to sunset drinks, you would spend your day chilling in this magic place.

What we do


Capturing the spirit

We’re focusing on putting live into every picture to represent the feeling of a location. We invest time for every shoot and rather wait for a great natural light source than rushing through your venue to tick off shot lists. Our shots are intimate, from unusual angles and expressing your locations personality.

Motion Pictures

Professional promotion video production, editing and color grading. To give your clients the ultimative experience of your place we’re also equiped to create an exciting clip to let the viewer want to visit the seen location.

Necessary tools

To be as efficient as possible we’ll bring lots of professional equipment straight to your venue. We’re working with high end camera-gear, different lenses, a drone, steady cams and lots of other tricks to maximise the quality of the outcome.

Consistant Color grading

Priority is always on representing your style. We use a big facet of color grading techniques to precisely develop a unique look which fits to your needs and surroundings.

Having an extended shoot with HNS Pictures meant they could really get a feel for the site, the personality of the staff, different light features, and take amazing shots which felt like they truly captured the vibe of the centre. What they do really well is to breath life into the photos of the site- so they stand out from the shots of every other yoga resort in the region. Their compositions and use of light are superb and their palette felt totally consistent with the branding and colours of the Centre.

Emily Christian, Flowers and Fire Yoga

I had the pleasure of working with Oliver and Nina for five days when they came to our eco-resort to produce a promotional video for us. I found both of them very easy to work with and open to listening to our concepts and ideas and incorporating those into the video. Their final product greatly exceeded my expectations and since publishing their video on Facebook, Instagram, and our website, we’ve received much very positive feedback. I highly recommend them to any business owner seeking high quality video and photographic promotional material.

Alexander Stanley, Sebatu Sanctuary

We had HNS visit Mana Retreat to create more detailed and atmospherical visual content for our property than the standard work we have had previously. After spending a few days with us, the results were over and above our expectations. I specifically loved their food shoot, as their styling skills and comprehension of the best camera angles meant that they captured absolutely phenomenal images for us. I highly recommend HNS for their eye for detail, creativity and ability to capture beautiful imagery with what seems to an outsider like absolute ease.

Stephanie Conway, Mana Resort

Who we are


Oliver and Nina are a german couple which decided in 2016 to quit their Jobs to travel the world. While traveling they started to create a blog with photos, videos and stories of their travelling. As it turned out, the perfect team had been found here: Nina, who had always been a photography enthusiast with the right amount of creativity, and Oliver as a pushing force who rounded off the work with his technical knowledge and passion for aerial photography, film production and editing. They invested in camera equipment and acquired new knowledge. In 2017, they registered their own business in Australia under the name “HNS Pictures” and continued their travels through South East Asia. After a two month photography tour through Indonesia they collaboratet with several Resorts and Eco-Retreats and successfully grabbed root in this competitive business. The need of a residency grew bigger and bigger which let them decide to settle down at one of the appealing places they've travelled to. Since the end of 2018, they're resident Photographers in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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